Dynamic website

Tezzeract designs a unique strategy for every consumer, outlining targets you for your business and assuring a perfect policy. We are very careful to take all the new or advanced technical opportunities to make our customers the best support. We give our full efficiency on gathering information about the project what our clients expect. We keep our projects beware of any kind of glitches, potential hiccups and other unexpected occurs to thrive the quality. Tezzeract is a well-known firm of IT sector in Bangladesh. We attempt all the technical ways to make ready a site for launching it online and start a rampant business. It's performing a big role in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

Web app development

The popularity of web application is rising constantly. It makes very simple the system of updating, distributing and scaling. The users do not have to face any inconvenience on additional installations. No matter how many users want to access the application together, it's simply possible by the web application. This is an important element what will develop the future of our application system. Tezzeract concentrates to your requirement for the project. We take every project as an opportunity to prove our quality and specialty. Your requirements get the appropriate body with the fabulous experience of our team. Our team analyzes your project very detailed and our expertise makes your project perfect although the project is corporate or public based. We use LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. Our expertise makes us able to specify the favorable development way to help you to extend your benefits on your budget. We are working hard to develop the Information Technology in Bangladesh.

Web design

Our clients find us like their associates, as we are committed to reaching the same target they want to achieve. Our web projects are full of professionalism. We are serving the government to upgrade the Information technology sector in Bangladesh. We respect our client's opinion and give the client required advice. We are open-minded to accept your demand. Outlook of a website is very important to attract its browser. Obviously, the concept of the site should be related with the main business subject, as every user understands the main topic of the site on the first browse. Our designers are experienced on setting up the concept with the design. We work hard to make your project spectacular. It gives your business smart and trendy.

E-commerce solution

It doesn't matter how big or small is your business, now it's easy to deliver your service to your consumer by an E-commerce site. If you are planning to expand your business, but stopping by your budget, then an E-commerce site can spread it to all. There are many e-commerce sites trading whole over the world. We serve you the most advanced plan to make it strong and successful. We include all the necessary elements like bill paying system, consulting and strategy, development and e-commerce store design, mobile commerce and app development, integration with third party software and internal systems, PCI-compliant hosting security, and the quality and professional delivery.

Site maintenance

A business based site should be updated regular basis. To keep the site up to date, a client needs a team. We have a team of specialists to keep your site always up to date. The services we give are such as content update, cyber security, minor debugging etc. Managing a team for maintaining your site might not be convenient all the time and that is why we are always ready with our team to assure you about your site maintenance.


SEO is the key element for website business marketing. When you search for something on google search bar or any other search engine it shows you a long list of result. These results come by SEO (search engine optimization). To see your site on the top of the list of any search engine site then you have to concentrate to your site's SEO. Tezzeract has a large group of SEO specialists who are committed to bringing your site ranking on the top. The services we give are search engine optimization, content marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, facebook marketing, company branding, email Marketing and SMS marketing.

Content Management System

Tezzeract serves you the most advanced service in your budget. To build a website we give you multiple options. In the era of this information technology, there are many applications by them we can publish, edit, modify, organize, delete and maintain contents from a central interface. It's a system to manage your content easily.

Domain & Hosting

Tezzeract provides domain & hosting support. Choose your favorite domain name and find a hosting package from our interesting hosting packages which is best for you.