This Programming course will prepare you to take the Java SE 8 Programmer II exam and become an Oracle Certified Professional, or simply strengthen your existing Java knowledge. The course covers the core language features and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used within Java SE 8. The exam must be booked separately through Pearson Vue.

Oracle Java Programmer certification is a globally recognised certification demonstrating deep knowledge of Java and the skills needed to be a professional programmer.


If you are not already familiar with the basics of Java, we recommend you take our Fundamentals of Java Programming course. Also, to take the Java SE 8 Programmer II exam you must have Associate level Java certification.

Course Content

  • Java Syntax and Class Review
  • Encapsulation and Subclassing
  • Overriding Methods, Polymorphism, and Static Classes
  • Abstract and Nested Classes
  • Interfaces and Lambda Expressions
  • Collections and Generics
  • Collections Streams, and Filters
  • Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces
  • Lambda Operations
  • Exceptions and Assertions
  • Java Date/Time API
  • I/O Fundamentals
  • File I/O (NIO.2)
  • Concurrency
  • The Fork-Join Framework
  • Parallel Streams
  • Database Applications with JDBC
  • Localization

Java Programmer Exam

  • 150 minutes
  • Multiple choice
  • Pass mark is 65%

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What is Java?

Java an object-oriented computer programming language first created in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Originally intended to be run on mobile phones, it was later expanded to focus on the Internet. The language has been designed to meet a number of key principles, including ease of use, reliability, security and platform independence. As a result of its success, it has become a popular language across the world, with over 6.5 million global developers.

Oracle Certified Professional certification is the second-highest level of Java certification, indicating the holder has the advanced skills expected of a top Java programmer. It is also a prerequisite for completing the highest level of Oracle certification, Master Level.

What Will I Learn?

  • Create Java technology applications with the latest JDK Technology
  • Develop your object-oriented skills
  • Identify good practices in the use of the language to create robust Java application
  • Use Lambda expressions in Java applications
  • Store and manipulate data using collections
  • Manipulate files, directories and file systems
  • Connect to databases using standard SQL queries through JDBC
  • Create high-performance multi-threaded applications